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Has your child been fussy lately? Have they started to drool more? Is their appetite lacking? Are they having trouble sleeping? If so, then your child may be experiencing uncomfortable teething. When primary teeth erupt, they can make the gums tender and sore. These teeth are going to come in whether you, or your child, like it or not. So here are 4 ways to relieve teething pain.

  1. Using a moist gauze pad or a clean finger, gently rub your child’s gums. The application of pressure such as this has been known to relieve discomfort.
  2. Use something cool to rub on your child’s gums. You can chill a washcloth or a small spoon in a refrigerator to produce this effect.
  3. Purchase a teething ring for your child to chew on. Children often develop a desire to chew on hard objects when they are teething, and a teething ring is the perfect solution. It must be firm, and large enough that your child will not choke on it.
  4. Gnawing on hard foods is another solution to teething pain. If your child has started eating solid foods, give them something like a peeled cucumber to chew on. But be sure to keep an eye on your child so they will not choke on these hard foods.