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If you have bad habits like chewing on desktop items, biting your nails or using your teeth as tools, it can cause a chip on one of your teeth. This is even more likely to occur on multiple teeth if you unconsciously grind your teeth at night on a regular basis.

Once the tooth enamel is damaged tiny food particles and plaque deposits can become trapped deep within the microscopic textures of the dental fracture. This could eventually cause a new cavity to form in the already distressed tooth.

A small chip with no new tooth decay might be repaired at Dr. Anthony Gonzalez’s clinic with a simple dental filling. This will replace the missing tooth enamel with another material such as composite resin.

A more significant chip or a tooth with a new cavity might call for Dr. Anthony Gonzalez to treat the tooth with a dental crown. This will replace the entire tooth enamel layer with a replica made from an artificial material that will not be vulnerable to tooth decay.

If the dental fracture penetrated deep enough to harm the pulp or root of the tooth Dr. Anthony Gonzalez might need to perform endodontic therapy. This will rebuild enough support to anchor an eventual dental crown.

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