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Millions of adults each year lose teeth due to gum disease. It’s the leading cause of tooth loss in America, yet it’s also one of the most preventable medical conditions. A simple oral health regimen and a reasonably balanced diet can ward off gum disease.

So let’s take a look at those simple steps you can take to prevent gum disease.

Brush and floss regularly

Dr. Anthony Gonzalez reminds you to brush and floss so often because it not only helps your teeth last longer but also helps ensure that your gums are as healthy as possible.

Regular brushing and flossing removes plaque. If plaque is allowed to build up on your teeth, it turns into tartar, which causes gingivitis. That’s the first stage of gum disease, and if you don’t catch if early, you will face serious complications down the road.

Eat tooth-friendly foods

If your diet consists of foods that are high in sugar or acids, these can damage your enamel. If your enamel erodes consistently over time, that opens your teeth up to the risk of decay. Decaying teeth can also cause gum disease, due to the bacteria spread by dying teeth. A diet that includes foods that are known to improve oral health will work wonders to prevent gum disease.

Periodontitis is easily preventable and if you follow these tips you shouldn’t have a thing to worry about. However, if you feel that you may have gingivitis (the earliest stage of gum disease) or want a screening just to be sure you’re safe, call us today at 361-387-1507 to schedule an appointment.