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If you are getting ready for a root canal but aren’t familiar with how it is performed, it’s easy to have some nerves. There are many false rumors about root canals. Allow Anthony Gonzalez, DDS to set your heart at ease:

Myth: Root canals hurt.

Fact: On the contrary, root canals are designed to lastingly eliminate pain created by diseased tissues inside the tooth. Decades ago, root canals did hurt, but with the anesthetics and technology of today, a root canal is about as uncomfortable as a dental filling and is a much better alternative than a severe toothache that many patients experience that necessitates the root canal.

Myth: It’s better to have an extraction.

Fact: Saving one’s natural teeth is always the best option, and that is exactly what root canals do, and do well, as most root canals last a lifetime. Extractions, however, require additional procedures, such as bridgework, dental implants, and even dental work to nearby teeth.

Myth: Root canals lead to illness.

Fact: There is no evidence linking root canals to other diseases. Rumors to the contrary were based on badly designed research from almost a century ago which was then debunked.

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