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Some injuries that occur on the lips can often be treated at home, but do you wonder when an injury does require attention from a dentist or such? We will go over how to recognize a wound that requires medical attention, so you know what to do should this happen.

If you have a cut or a puncture that is very deep, best to take it to the dentist. Be especially on the lookout for cuts that go across the vermillion border.

The vermillion border is the boundary between your lips and your skin. Cuts that move over that line may require practiced hands to help them heal properly.

Excessive bleeding can also be a sign. If bleeding continues even after you have applied pressure and ice for a while may require a visit to the dentist.

Also, be on the lookout for signs of an infection. These can include redness around the injury, tender feel, swelling, pus drainage, and a fever. These signs often show up after four days.

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